White Void Land is a place that does not exist


White Void Land is a blank, presumably infinite expanse of diffusely lit whiteness, without a horizon. It is completely empty of things other than the occasional piece of furniture.

Getting InEdit

You may be imprisoned in White Void Land, as in THX 1138. You may also arrive there inexplicably, as in Blank It. No matter how you get there, your only concern upon arrival is...

Getting OutEdit

Getting out of White Void Land is extremely difficult, due to the infinite emptiness and the existence outside of normal spacetime. Your best bet is probably nukes and raptors. Lots of nukes and raptors.

White Void Land in Popular CultureEdit

  • It appears in the George Lucas movie THX 1138
  • The webcomic Blank It takes place in a remote corner of White Void Land.
  • Patrick's dreams in Spongebob Squarepants take place in White Void Land.

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