Umi is a planet that does not exist.


  • Primary star - Epsilon Eridani
  • Distance from Earth - 10.5 ly
  • Orbital distance - .596 AU
  • Orbital eccentricity - .007
  • Radius - 5351.64 km
  • Density - 3.25 g/cm3
  • Mass (in Earths) - .35023418181818181818181818181818181818...
  • Insolation - 80-77% of Earth's
  • Year length - 213.4 sols (182 Earth-days)
  • Day length - 20.5 hours
  • Gravity - 49.63636363636...% Earth's
  • Land area - 10,797,044.7 km2

A Traveler's First Impression Edit

The ship had docked on the space elevator's platform, and everyone got out and onto the elevator car. From there, as my computer chirped happily in my ear, we would reach the planet's surface and then take a jet to the inconveniently far away capital. As we climbed "up" the ladders to the hub of the starship's rotating wheel, our weights shrank until we were floating through the hatch into the car. Everyone was clamoring for a window seat on the space-elevator car, and I somehow managed to get one. The sky was velvety black, with one of the distant stars probably being Sol, that distant sun of Earth. We had left it behind four subjective years ago, or twelve years from an outside reference.
The stars faded in the sky as the horizon purpled, then the zenith, until the sky was a light cyan. What first struck me was the warm yellow sunlight: it was local noon, but the light had the quality of an afternoon on Earth. Our weight had also never increased back to what it had been on the ship: Umian gravity was about a half a gee.

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