Tommy Westphall is a person who does not exist.

In St. ElsewhereEdit

In the finale of the popular TV show St. Elsewhere, it is revealed that the entire series was in the imagination of an autistic boy named Tommy Westphall. However, there are many shows with crossovers to St. Elsehwere, which must therefore also be the creation of Tommy. This leads to...

The Tommyverse HypothesisEdit

In simple terms, the Tommyverse Hypothesis is the hypothesis that every show which contains a crossover to either St. Elsewhere itself or a show which crosses over with said program, is also the creation of Tommy. But what of shows proven to take place in Tommy's mind crossing over with real life? This leads to the inevitable conclusion that Tommy Westphall created the Universe.
"How can this be?" you must be thinking. "How am I the delusion of an autistic boy staring into a snowglobe?" Well, that is only partially true: Tommy himself is only the human form of an incomprehensible entity responsible for creating the Universe.

Proof of the Tommyverse HypothesisEdit

  • Every crossover ever
  • The Walrus was Paul
  • The ending of 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Raptor Jesus
  • Dark energy

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